Best PCI-E Riser for Mining (Cryptocurrency) – Buyer’s Guide

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple caused a major wave in the economic world for investors. In an effort to get in on some of that action, many people have begun to build their own cryptocurrency mining rigs in lieu of investing. However, all mining computers ultimately rely on a precise balance of numerous components.

While graphics processing units and power supply units might get most of the fanfare, you simply cannot build a truly capable mining rig without PCIe risers. This component is used to connect more than 2 or 3 GPUs to your motherboard. Still, what defines the best PCIe risers for mining cryptocurrency can be confusing.

Best PCIe Risers for Mining 2018

That is why we have put together a list of the 5 best PCIe risers for mining cryptocurrency, highlighting what each one does best. Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can find the best PCIe risers for mining cryptocurrency to suit your needs.

Mining Cryptocurrency

Ubit is actually one of the only brands on our list that specializes primarily in various types of PC peripheral components. For instance, not only do they make this PCIe riser, but they also make adapter boards that can manage multiple PCIe risers at the same time. One this ultimately means is that Ubit is well acquainted with the PCIe riser industry and best manufacturing processes.

This shows up most notably in the Ubit making a clear point to stress the importance of clean signals. This makes a fair bit of sense as the issues with voltage often do not start with the PSU assuming you have one that is rated and designed for mining cryptocurrency. Instead, voltage issues usually occur somewhere along the way. One of those methods comes from interference.

Some Rocket Science

In order to prevent electromagnetic interference from affecting the data stream of electric currents, Ubit has put in place a couple safeguards. First, this PCIe riser uses shielded cables. This is important because unshielded cables can interfere with one another if they touch due to the electric current traveling through them. For a mining rig with 6 or more GPUs, this is easily a possibility and can ruin your hashrates.

The other feature that this PCIe riser implements which is actually fairly novel is a special coil designed explicitly to reduce EMI. Taking the place of one of the capacitors, this coil uses high-quality copper to help reduce the EMI that would otherwise be generated. While this can potentially limit some of its power management ability, the Ubit does still come with 3 solid capacitors which are at least the industry standard.


Another benefit of the Ubit PCIe riser is that it features a universal connector arrangement. This means that you can use any of the major powering methods SATA, Molex, or 6 PIN to power this component. Aside from the versatility that provides, it also means that you do not need multiple brands to run a larger rig with 8 or more GPUs. Considering the various EMI reducing measures, that is likely the best scenario for this PCIe riser.

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